I need to approve my domain for Twitter photo cards very very urgently


@froginthevalley I have submitted *.teamblackberrylove.com for twitter photo card approval.This site will be released in 3-4 days.Please approve it asap.


@froginthevalley We have tested the sample url for all meta tags and we were able to see the sample preview. but somehow one meta tag got missed. Thanks for your super quick response on this request. We have resubmitted the request with suggested changes. Please approve.


Check your email, I have reviewed and approved.


Hi waiting patiently, no word on approval for photo cards. Please let me know ASAP - thanks


Hi @highlandherring,

Do you have a test URL you can share here?



It looks like you may need to submit via the Validator for approval. See below:





I get an error message that does not allow me to apply. See below:


Not a valid screen name




Interesting. What did you put as your screen name in the submit form? It should likely be @highlandherring


I believe I did that. see below:


Here my username is @highlandherring
still no go?


Can you try adding a twitter:site tag with @highlandherring?


Tried that and no go:



Please specify a value for twitter:site, and remove all empty tag values.


I tried: https://highlandultrasound.squarespace.com/test

in the validator and it says I am approved, but I have not received an email nor do I see the card appear on my blog?

Please help


How can I get direct help to get this to work, please this is taking so long and the discussion back and forth is so inconsistent. Please help


Please help ?


It looks like it works now. This is what I see when I tweet the URL:



Thanks for helping,

Sorry still confused and the actual squarespace blog site is not showing the card?


I never received an email from twitter either, why is that?


Can someone just spend the time to help me fix this problem? Please this is dragging on for weeks!