I’m having trouble using twitter status/update api. I’m getting { “errors”: [ { “code”: 32, “message”: “Could not authenticate you.” } ] } even though I’ve followed all steps hitting the api


Please help!!!


Error 32 means that you are probably having issues passing along the proper keys and tokens or authorizing your request. I suggest that you make sure to check the following:

  1. you are using the proper auth keys for this endpoint, which you can identify via the endpoint’s api reference page. It might help to review our authentication section for more details on this.
  2. you have properly generated the oauth nonce, oauth_signature, and oauth_timestamp for your request.

If you have properly set up your keys and tokens, then chances are that you aren’t handling number two properly. If so, please consider using an oauth library (example), Insomnia, or try using Twurl.


I’ve double checked every thing. I’m using proper auth keys and I’ve followed each and every step to generate oauth signature. I’ve verified my oauth signature creation process using the dummy data provided in https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/basics/authentication/guides/creating-a-signature#f2 (Creating a signature) link and the result was as expected. Can you please provide some references for checking if I’m using the timestamp generation method right or not?


@RajThak58901558 - What steps have you been following when trying to hit the API? Have you tried using Twurl? Follow the steps outlined in our documentation and once you’re set up with Twurl you can run the following command:

$ twurl -d 'status=Test Tweet using Twurl' /1.1/statuses/update.json


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