I look forward to checking my twitter player card


I look forward to checking my twitter player card to the address touchvision.ru
first posted - was a mistake. (3 months ago)
then sent, checked everything was ok. (2 months ago)
Now I wait for 2 months. )))


I hope someday will answer me


2 days ago I got this message:

You submitted a request for touchvision.ru to be included in Twitter Cards. Unfortunately we determined that your application was incomplete and needs to be resubmitted.

A common issue is that submitted URLs contain invalid or incomplete Twitter Cards markup. To help identify such issues, we have released an error-reporting preview tool, available at https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/preview. Please double check your implementation and resubmit the application form at https://dev.twitter.com/form/participate-twitter-cards again.

BUT, where is the problem??
When I try https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/preview with my link for example: http://touchvision.ru/nnov/ghowgloss/3
everithing is OK, where is the problem? ((((


While I don’t work on cards approvals, I know that player cards approval are much harder to come by. Verify that your player card will work on iOS, Android, and has user-friendly fallback in the event that the end user is not capable of using your player. It’s not enough that it works for you in the preview tool, it needs to work everyone.


now it works everywhere. … ((


I thought, swf is enough. Now everything is OK, I need to wait for 7 weeks again? (