I keep getting the pop up message 'Internal Server Error' Only when I click on another users name


This is only happening when I click on another twitter users username. It sometimes won’t let me go onto there profile, thus giving me the ‘internal server error’ message. I can’t recall exactly how many times a day I get this, and its all different profiles not just my following/followers.

Just now I received the pop up error message while trying to click onto someones profile who interacted with me, and the message came up, i tried clicking on there profile multiple times and every time i got internal sever error.

I experience this error only on the web version of twitter, not Twitter for iPhone nor any other Twitter client.
I use a MacBook Pro, Can re-pos with my MPB specs if needed. I’m not great with al this computer language and stuff if you require me to give you any information please be specific, haha.

Thanks, and hope to hear back from someone.

Tyler. @DJ_FreakyLIVE


I Keep Getting The Same Thing How Did you fix it?