I keep getting the demo order welcome to mopub ads in my live app; how can i stop that?


Looks like you are still running the demo line item on your account that is pre-populated for you to use in testing in the pre-release process. You should locate the line item and pause it. This will stop the delivery of these ads but please make sure to add new networks and line items for the delivery of new ads to start coming through. If you would like to get access to Marketplace, you should also reach out to policy@mopub.com with the full store URL included for your apps along with the settings page up to date with payment details.




hi a
i am facing the same issue, i tried pausing it but pause or archieve button not working in my dashboard.
plz help as i can not get approval for my ios app with test ads.
This is happening in my ios app only, android app shows live ads only.


now some how pause button worked on diff comupter but now i am getting below error on loading MoPub Marketplace ads:
Error: Error Domain=com.mopub.iossdk Code=0 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.mopub.iossdk error 0.)”