I just want to pull metrics about existing ads. Do I need to go through the whole Developer -> Standard vetting process?



Our integration will be analytics and reporting only. We’re not going to be manipulating ads or campaigns in any way.

The process to get our Integration “approved” (outlined here: https://dev.twitter.com/ads/overview#how-does-it-work) sounds like overkill for just making an API request and getting a response.

The document here says

Moving on: When pilot campaigns are complete, the partner is evaluated in two ways."First, partners must submit two campaign case studies that demonstrate their solution’s efficacy in achieving KPIs and unique value addition to the Ads API ecosystem. Eligible campaigns have a minimum spend of $5000

This doesn’t really apply as our integration has nothing to do with achieving KPIs and unique value additions.

Do we still need to go through this process? Can we just do an OAuth integration and make an API call?



Hey @gsmoore

Thank you for the detailed question! As per your request, it sounds like you want “Analytics-Only” access to the Ads API, is that correct?

To clarify the process, you would still need to go through the approval process outlined in the linked document. This is required for any level of access to the Ads API.

Hope that clarifies things!




Great, thanks!