I have uploaded video with sound but when it's posted, no sound's in that video



i have uploaded video with sound via rest api (media_id=1032880075014848512), but after posted video doesn’t have sound. When this same video upload in twitter.com (https://twitter.com/janakiramanmp/status/1032880119256297472), that time sound available. but once posted in twitter no sound for that video. Kindly help.



Team, Any update?


Please let me know about any updates


Hello all,

It sounds like there is probably a problem with the video. Have you reviewed our media best practices?


@LeBraat Can you please explain more about the video problem? Because the same problem happens in the Twitter.com while tweet the video. Yes, We reviewed the “media best practices”.


From our investigations, the file that you provided appears to have a null audio stream. If you could get us a link to the raw file, we could run some additional tests.


Here is the public link to the video file: https://docs.zoho.com/file/9pm9j5b136aa613d342e78b4fbdfdf616028b


That video has "audioStreams": null, in the payload when I uploaded it to the platform, meaning that it has not been exported properly. I suggest that you review the options when you are exporting the video to make sure that it is set up with the proper audio settings.


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