I have over 18k impression with $0 revenue


I have integrated Mopub within my app but it’s showing $0 revenue. It is detecting requests and filling impressions with them. It’s working fine I can see ads. However revenue being displayed is $0.00 this makes no sense. This is quality iOS traffic from US. With Admob Im getting about $1.00 eCPM on average seems like I have to revert back as I am losing money if no one can help me.


Hi @BlackAce

Thanks for letting us know. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. I took a look over your account and I see earnings in the UI for the past few months. Are you still seeing $0 revenue? If so, we’d like to take a deeper look. Can you please email our Support Team at support@mopub.com with the following details:

  1. Account username (to verify we’re looking at the correct account).
  2. Specific App (or Apps) you’re seeing $0 revenue for.
  3. Date range you’re focusing on.
  4. Specific MoPub SDK version you’re using.

If you are able to see revenue in the MoPub UI, please let us know as well.

Thank you.