I have had some problems about my twitter application for about 1 week (post friendships/create.json and post statuses/update.json)


api 1.1 … “post statuses/update.json with request status=blablabla” and “post friendships/create.json with screen_name=username or user_id=userid” haven’t worked for about 1 week. But “post favorites/create.json with id=tweetid” works well… And yes the ids or screen_names exist and true. Before about 1 week all of the commands had been working well… :confused: I think my api account has problems…

https://apps.twitter.com/app/5656313/show my application setting page; there is no warning. But I get 403 error on my application; but my application not for spam or not for any (hidden & visible) unwanted things… May anyone help me? Thx.