I have an app that was previously working, but for at least the past week or so, it has stopped working. "Whoa there! There is no request token for this page."


I have not made any changes to the code, but now when I try to have a user authorize, it gives me this error: “Whoa there! There is no request token for this page.”

Any thoughts on what suddenly happened and how to fix it?


After further testing, it looks like the code that was previously working when it called for an oauthToken has stopped working. It doesn’t return any data, as it used to.



Any thoughts?


The OAuth process shouldn’t be completed through a proxy server. Can you tell me more about your setup and the rationale for it?


Sure thing – it’s an old AIR app that interfaces with a php script at the proxy address. That’s just how it’s set up now, but I’m definitely willing to change that.

But I get an error back if I try to call the api directly from the app, like so:

When I paste that URL into a browser, it just says “Failed to validate oauth signature and token.”

Any idea as to why it has stopped working? Or as to what I’m doing wrong now to get this error?

Thanks for your help!


These requests won’t work in a web browser in general – they’re not meant for that environment.

OAuth is complicated. There could be a lot of reasons that’s wrong. Query-string based OAuth makes OAuth more difficult to debug as well – using HTTP headers is vastly preferred.

[node:204] might give you some more tips to debug.