I have an app, and I want to monetize with video ads. How do I do this?


Video ads offer a valuable opportunity to drive more revenue for your interstitial inventory. MoPub enables you to automatically introduce video ads from MoPub Marketplace demand partners without burdening your app with additional SDKs.

Our video ad support is built to give you the most flexibility and control over your app monetization.
Publishers can choose to serve 30 second videos that are skippable after five seconds and/or 15 second non-skippable videos
UX includes a countdown timer. Thirty second videos also have skip timers that enable users to close the ad after 5 seconds.
Videos are pre-cached and play automatically inline with your app
Audio settings of the ad will match the sound settings of your user’s device

How to enable video:

You must be using a MoPub iOS or Android SDK v2.1.0 or later
Login to your account at app.mopub.com
Navigate to your Marketplace Settings tab and select the video lengths that you would like enabled