I have a problem with Twitter Cards: Warn not whitelisted


I want to activate Twitter Cards on Pishoes.es, but its impossible cause I receivethe “warn not whitelisted” error.

Someone knows what is the solution?


What kind of cards are you trying to use? Can you share any links?


I talked you on your tw.


We use these forums for support, rather than one-to-one private chats, so that the solutions can benefit everyone :smile:

If you can just mention the type of card you’re trying to enable, and provide an example URL or the meta tags you’re trying to use, maybe we can all help you to get to the bottom of the problem you’re seeing.


I know! but the plattaform dont let me post images…


The url is pishoes.es, and is a prestashop. The tw cards dont works with the module… I think.


we restrict new users on the forums from posting images but that changes over time as you engage here more often.

If you can just post the answers to my questions as text, that would be fine :wink:

I’ll take a look at your site when I get the chance.


I don’t see any Cards markup in your site.

Take a look at dev.twitter.com/cards for more information on this.


OK - let me look into this but I can’t do that right now. I’ll check when I have additional time (or someone else might be able to help in the meantime).


I use this module on Prestashop:

And the url page and the product page…


Looks like you’ve now got a summary card on that URL, and it validates correctly. You’re all set!


Thank you!!!


Andy, what about my website? I have the same problem. My website address is www.wemarcas.com.br and when I try to validate I get the message that my website isn’t whitelisted. Thanks for the help!!


I cannot find any Twitter Cards markup in your source code.


Andy, I’ve used the google tag manager to insert the code on my website. Maybe I should add the code in the website without using google tag manager. What is your opinion?


Andy, I’ve managed to add the code to my website and validate it using the Twitter Card Validator. Now I know how my twitter card looks I can make some changes to make it look perfect. Thanks for your help.


I am also trying to get a summary card up but the validator is saying that I am not whitelisted. I thought summary cards automatically were whitelisted?

The validator says that it found 6 meta tags but it can’t render my card.

If it’s any help, if you want to see the actually meta tags you will have to go to https://sunsama.com/?escaped_fragment= to see what tags will get rendered.


I have the same problem.

not whitelisted

I got WARN: Not whitelisted. My website is http://endaaman.me .
Though it is a Single Page App and you can’t find correct meta tags from view source, it readies for crowling from Twitterbot and you can check thr tags using the command

curl http://endaaman.me -A Twitterbot/1.0

Can you let me request approving?


I’m still getting the same issue even though I’m using a summary card.


Hi Twitter Team,
I’ve the same trouble at http://www.tripmeister.net .
Do you plz have the solution? Regards!