I have a problem with Twitter Cards: Warn not whitelisted and it was whitelisted


http://www.sunipeyk.com and posts “Warn not whitelisted” but it was whitelisted earlier. Screenshot below;


There is no twitter:card markup on your page. Please see our troubleshooting post and check things through before asking for help here.


Hello @andypiper my site is using opengraph ( jetpack/ wordpress) and according to this page no need for twitter:car ( https://dev.twitter.com/cards/markup) . Isn’t it? Or am i wrong?


You’re incorrect, because even if you use OpenGraph tags for some of the fields, a twitter:card tag specifying the type of card is still required.


Thank you. It was working before the last upgrades of both WordPress and jetpack. I think they made something about that. Any way i put some codes on function. Thanks again for your quick reply. Have a nice day.

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