I have a problem with my followers their number is decreasing instead of increasing?


I am having a problem my followers are decreasing instead of increasing and i don’t know why? Please help me!


my too. why??


Yesterday my twitter followings were 8759 & followers were 11698. But when I checked today my following are 8605 & followers are 11535. Every time it is declining, I don’t know what the hell is happening. Please help!!!


The same Happened to mee too Today!
I opened a new Posting about it here but till yet it was not published by dev.twitter.com for some strange reason.

On my Side i checked the Followers this Morning and all was fine.
But after a refresh the whole contacts on both, Freindships and Followers decreased till this moment by more than 3000 Connections.

When i do check however my Connections over the Twitter REST API everything is fine and show the right high numbers.

Looks like that the main Twitter Website is out of sync and has some Major Bug!!!

Hoped it will be resolved after my Tweet this morning but till yet nothing happened!


I also have the same problem. I post all the things that interests public but my followers are decreasing day by day instead of increasing.


Same! This is really disappointing :confused: