I have a problem with cards, help me!


Error: Failed to get a proxied URL for the image.

Twitter Cards not working with site

help me!


I’ve got the same error…
And i didn’t get it before…



We have recently relaunched our site on a new host but with the same URL, we copied across the twittercard details but now they are showing Invalid Card Type…

Any help



I am struggling with trying to set up Twitter Cards for my website/blog.
On my wordpress blog: I have ticked “Add Twitter card meta data” - which should have added meta data to the site.

When I try to validate a link (example: http://www.entropii.com/insights/training-to-train-or-to-be-trained/ ) i just get the message: “Internal Error. Try again later”

Am I doing something wrong or is their a problem with the system?




I’m suspect some problem with system. I have been trying to use Twitter Cards for almost 2 days, and in my case, every time goes through validation process it says, wrong card type. I’m using WordPress plugins.
Either plugins has bugs(Plugin is claiming 100% compatible with Twitter) or Twitter may did some minor changes.


It looks like your twitter:title metatag is empty.


Your domain does not seem to be reachable at the moment.