I got "ne metatags found" error



I added correct twitter card meta tags into between I can see in source code but, card validator says:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found

I checked this link: https://temabak.com/istanbul-buyuksehir-belediyesi-14r-halk-otobusu-soforu-yolcularla-tartisiyor/


Hi @bilalmalkoc - have you had a chance to review this post?


Yes. I checked it. I followed all instructions. But not helps me.


Runned curl -v -A Twitterbot, and i show twitter meta tags in head section, server return 200 resoıbse and valid content-type. Also checked all other instructions.


Why not answer??? @Aurelia


Our team is distributed around the globe and we may not always be able to answer a question quickly. We have different schedules and sometimes it may take a few days. Thanks for your patience! This is a community forum, not a direct channel to technical support.

I will try looking into this today.


I did take a look at this today, but wasn’t able to find a resolution.

I have made some notes of my investigation so that I can get some early next week.


Ok. I am waiting your response. @LeBraat

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