I get "WARN: no metatags found" for cards unless I remove a line of content from my page



Attention @andypiper @yhenry @rchoi - sorry for the noise but I’ve been trying to get someone to look into this since July, and it appears to be a bug on your end.

Test cases:

The only difference between these too pages is one line of text in the page body. The content of that line doesn’t matter, nor does where in the page it’s present. This seems to be a size-related issue.


Indeed this seems to be a bug. Although you might want to add a correct doctype to your markup, i.e.:

<!DOCTYPE html>


The rest of the pages on my side to have an html5 doctype declaration and experience the same problem (well, they did until I deployed a horrible workaround that serves twitter modified content that the parser won’t choke on).