I get "Failed to get proxied image URL" from Cards Preview Tools


I’m try to preview my cards with this fragment:


clearly the image is publicy available, any ideas?



I will investigate this issue, it looks like a problem from our own image proxy, not from your side.


We’re getting the same error with this:


I get the same error too. I’ve tried with different images, both on HTTP and HTTPS, with different aspect ratios and resolutions (greater than 262x262). Any news?


I also see this issue…


me too. :frowning:


Me too…


me too…


And ditto


same here…


me too


same here.


Any update on this issue?


Same problem. Still no update?


We are actively working on a fix. But it’s not done, yet.


Same here


Is this an issue just with the preview, or will the card rendering on the live site have this issue as well?


Not sure if this is the same issue or not, since it works on one domain but not another. Robots.txt was disallowing bot access to the image URL, but since removing that line the fetcher is still failing to get the image. Is robots.txt being cached, or is this the same problem that’s being worked on?


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