I don't like the version of twitter


I really don’t like the new version of twitter. It loks like a layout of of the iphone. It is very difficult to nagigate round and all the headers have now gone??? I can’t even see my background now because there are usless boxes everywhere. I old version brought up a big dialogue box which made it easier to type in as you could read it. This one gives you a tiny box and it’s very difficult to see. I can’t read the the timespam that has elasped from from previous tweets very clearly either. I don’t think the layout of the version as it’s very difficult to get around. The old version was esay and simple to use. The direct messages are terrible. A whole page and just a slither to write in? It is far too small and why have you the conversion up like a dialogue box?? it isn’t an iphone and it just makes everything hard to read. I have tried to send a direct messgae to someone one and it won’t accept it? They are following and I’m following them and it still won’t work. I even tried another friend and it won’t work. Please if there is a way of keeping the version I would really appreciate you changing me back. I am not a very technical minded person and this is my only way of conversation I have with some of my friends. I cannot work this version as the writing is far too small and the layout has completely changed




odiei a versão no do twitter !