I designed a geo location based tweet discovery website based on twitter api data, is this legal. please help


HI There,

i have designed a website www.refractify.com which displays tweets with images based on geo location of the visitor. and visitor can search for topics they like and they will be presented to them based on geo location.

here, im following twitter display guidelines but i want to confirm if my usage is legal interms of twitter data or am i breaking any twitter TOC.

please help. appreciate your help very much.



Hi Guys,

Could any one help me on this please. at present im unable to proceed without knowing if im on the right path according to twitter rules and guidelines.

appreciate your help.

Thank you,


Any one from @twittersupport who could help me on this please. this hold a lot of value for the app im building and soon ill be adding a mobile app. but before that i want to be clear if by accident i have boken any rules of twitter. please help.

Thank you,


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