I Cant Use Any of the buttons?


for some reason my twitter wont let me compose tweets follow people send dm’s basically none of the buttons are working and i don’t know what to do


I am having the same problem


This has been an ongoing issue for me for 3 days now! I can not open a tweet in from any of my followers. I can not open any links in their tweets. My world wide trend box is missing. I can not click any of the button in the menu bar. I had to use a search engine to get to twitter help. I can’t tweet so I can’t contact @support. I can not scroll backwards in my timeline, the little wheel just keeps on spinning. I had to log out at the help page that I had to google for.
Nothing is working for me.


i am having the same problem…I’m about to delete and start over if nobody can answer
this soon!


I am having the same issue… getting the console error in Firefox “Error: //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js not loaded.” Using twitter by SSL.

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