I can't tweet from the full twitter.com site


I can tweet just fine from my phone on the application and the mobile site, (and the mobile site on my computer) but I cannot post a tweet from my laptop on either internet explorer OR google chrome.

Everything looks normal, everything loads, there is just no “tweet” button. I can type in the box, but it’s a light grey font, and theres no button to send it. Help!


and as soon as i post this-- viola! it works. -__-


Any idea what may have caused the problem or how it can be fixed as I’m having the same issue. I can type in the box but can’t tweet anything.So frustrating!!


I can’t tweet either there is no tweet button


I was having the same problem. Randomly I decided to disable adblock plus on twitter.com and it fixed it for me. That might help if you have adblock plus installed.


I just started having this problem too, it looks like a whole bunch of stuff changed. Works perfect on my phone, not on computer. Please help!!



In Chrome, click the MENU ICON (top right corner)

From the drop-down menu choose TOOLS

From the second menu choose EXTENSIONS which will display a list of all Chrome extensions you’re running in a new tab (address chrome://chrome/extensions in your url bar)

Find the listing for AVG Secure Search (mine was version

If the box is checked (“Enabled” in bold text), UNCHECK it so it reads “enable” in normal text



good and nice


Yeah, same here. Same problem. Annoying AF


Having spent a couple of days at the Cape (Chatham) I can categorically say that there’s not’n wrong with it, even in a foggy day