I can't see the Timeline


I’m getting a HTTP 504 only with my account in ANY computer. Why?
I’m freaking out, please help me!


same here


What should we do? Nobody’s helping :frowning:


just wait, i guess :frowning:


Since when have you been having this problem?


since yesterday


I’ve been having this for nearly a week now. I can view Twitter in Tweetdeck but not via the Web at all. VERY frustrating. I can view pages inside Twitter (profile, trends, etc.) but not my timeline.

Also, it’s specific to my account. I can log into my company’s account with no issue. And only related to the Web. I need to get this figured out as I teach classes on how to use Twitter and not being able to see the home page is a big problem. Any idea?


did any of you figure out how to fix it?my accounts the same way and I’m freaking out