I can't log into my other account



Two days ago, I was using my twitter account @aimeyoongi like I usually do, and it suddenly got locked. Twitter told me that they would call with a verification code, and every time I tried to get the code, it’d say “please retry later” or something of the sort. When I try to log in from my pc, I still need the verification code with sms, but I don’t get no code, no matter how many times I ask for one. I tried going on this site https://help.twitter.com/fr/contact-us to get some help, but they say I have to be logged into the locked account to get it unlocked, whereas I can’t even log in to it. What can I do to get back into my account?


Please use help.twitter.com for queries like this. This forum exists to help developers with API questions.

We cannot offer any assistance with issues related to accounts (suspension, verification, usernames etc), or usage of the twitter.com website, analytics or ads dashboards, and the iOS and Android mobile apps in this forum


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