I can't GET accounts/:account_id/account_media and GET accounts/:account_id/media_creatives. Please help me!



I can’t GET accounts/:account_id/account_media and GET accounts/:account_id/media_creatives Please help me !!!
Hi guys,
I’m trying to GET accounts/:account_id/account_media with PHP. I’m using Twitter Oauth PHP library by Abraham. And to fetch all account_media associated with that account, I use following:

->get(‘accounts/my_account /account_media’); and Response is Error [code] => ROUTE_NOT_FOUND
[message] => The requested resource could not be found
Only get account_media and media_creatives have error as i have mentioned before. Other things ( campains, line_items …) are OK.
Please Help Me ! I can’t find solve it.


Help me !!! Twitter developer .


Hi @TMHTechLab,

These endpoints are for a beta feature and are failing because your account does not have access to them. When they are available a guide will be written about them and/or mentioned here https://dev.twitter.com/ads/overview/recent-changes




@TMHTechLab you can programmatically check your access to beta features like this via the GET /accounts/:account_id/features endpoint.


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