I can't find Twitterkit,why? fabric 2.2.0



I can’t find Twitterkit, why? fabric 2.2.0


Is this still happening for you? I am not able to reproduce it at the moment


Also, where are you running this from? Keep in mind that TwitterKit is not available for certain countries such as China.


I would like to use Twitter account login, how to do? China :disappointed_relieved:


Unfortunately, Twitter is not available in China right now. Can you tell us more about your reasons for using Twitter login? Is it for its social features, identity, or validating the the user is real? If you are looking at identity and validation, Digits might be a good alternative :slight_smile:


我英语太差了,还是中文吧, 能不能手动加入Fabic 的库文件?这个项目的说法可行吗?https://github.com/GorkaMM/Fabric


How to manually add Fabric library files? This document is not incomplete? https://github.com/GorkaMM/Fabric


We support official pods for CocoaPods.


thanks , Finally finished,