I can't even create a Twitter widget!


I’ve reported this to the Help Center and I’m being ignored! I have been trying for days now to create a Twitter Widget for my blog (Blogger no longer seems to support the gadget I inserted for this ages ago and which, until a few days ago, was working perfectly). because someone said use the official widget.

But every time I go to Create New I get the ‘Something is technically wrong’ page.

I’ve tried everything. Updated Java, installed updates on my machine, used different browsers. It isn’t working at all and I’m getting fed up with it.

And there’s no guarantee that once I do manage to get it, it may not work.

Can someone PLEASE tell me whether there’s a fault with this thing or not?


I’ve got exactly the same problem - let me assure you nothing is wrong with your computer or browser. The fault lies with Twitter’s webpage. See this discussion thread: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/9178


Seems to be that there is a cap on the amount of widgets you can have a associated with your profile. This may be your problem!