I can't delete my application


Hello everyone,

I need somebody’s assistance to help me deal with my problem.

I can’t delete my application named SMPN 2 Bandung - The Center of Excellent. That was an mobile Twitter browser-based client, and now I have shutted down the developing progress of the application. So I want to delete it.

I went to the application page and clicked the “Delete” tab. I’ve also confirmed the confirmation question. Then a small notification says, “Your application has been successfully deleted,” but the application still appears in the list. I’ve done this for several times but it was useless.

Can anyone help me?


Its doing the same for me too. Anyone got any ideas?


Same issue here. Love twitter… not.


Same issue here …


The process should eventually complete – after returning 24 hours later, was the application removed?


Same issue here. Even after 24 hours the app is still there.
Any idea ?


Same here…created an app to test how the system works under my personal account and now i cannot delete it in order to migrate it on my business account…weird…


I’m trying to do the same thing and getting the same result. Please let me know if you find a solution!


I have the same trouble (((


Same problem for me too


Same problem for me.


Also having this problem, waited more then 24 hours, apps are still there.
(guess it has something to do with the API change, i’m seeing people are having problems since the change)


Same here. I’ve had a few apps sitting a couple days now, still there, after trying to delete them.


same here…can’t delete!


Same here! What’s up Twitter? First I have to set one up and then I can’t delete it? Please do something about it! Thanks!


Same here! my deleted apps still there, any idea to sort this out?


+1 here. Any solutions?


Same here, any solutions!?


I’m going to assume this is an issue that will never be resolved as I’ve seen threads dating back nearly 2 years with no response. My app is causing problems for my site that can only be resolved by deleting the app which doesn’t seem to be a priority for Twitter dev for the foreseeable future. Do they even respond to these threads?


Same issue here