I can't create a Lead Generation Card


I’m looking into creating a Lead Generation Card: https://blog.twitter.com/2013/capture-user-interest-with-the-lead-generation-card

However I am having problems finding the setting to create the card. According to this article (and others) the setting should be under the advertising drop down: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/twitter-introduces-lead-generation-cards-collect-leads

However I don’t see that? Does any have any tips as to how I can set one of these up?



Lead Generation Cards is only available to Twitter promoted products (promoted tweets, promoted accounts, promoted trends) users.


To add to this, Lead Generation Cards are part of our promoted product offering today. Someone who would like to utilize these cards would have to have an ads account (created at https://ads.twitter.com/). If you already have an ads account, you can learn more about Lead Gen cards here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170389-what-are-lead-generation-cards


Once you have created an ads account, and have created a Lead Gen Card, you can include the Lead Gen Card in a normal, non-promoted Tweet. Just FYI.


The problem is that I cannot create the Lead Generation Card from within the Ad account. The option doesn’t seem to be available.


I think that they can be used in non promoted ways, see: https://twitter.com/BenedictEvans/status/453000127116869632


Have you had any luck with this? I can’t find it either


@MarkMruss, did you figure this out? I can’t find it, either!


any luck? I can’t find it either.


In ads.twitter.com, can you see the Creatives drop-down at the top? Do you see Cards in that drop-down? And when you click Cards, can you create other cards?

The next step would be to file a help request, there is a big help button in the upper-right, file a ticket and our help staff will figure out why you can’t seem to create that card.