I cannot see my uploaded image by using API with libcurl on Twitter


I want to upload a png file which size is only 31.1KB by using POST media/upload (INIT) (APPEND) (FINALIZE) api with libcurl,

  1. POST media/upload (INIT)
    return HTTP code 202 and I can get media_id_string from response data

response like this :

  1. POST media/upload(APPEND)
    return HTTP code 204

  2. POST media/upload(FINALIZE)
    return HTTP code 201
    and response data like this:


I compare the requst data and response data by using api with I upload image on twitter,
and I think all are the same.
But, I cannot see my image on Twitter by by using API with libcurl

What’s wrong with my steps or do I miss the other steps?
Can anyone answer me