I cannot create the application


I tried to create many times the application from different accounts, but nothing helps, please help me to understand


What happens when you try to create the app? What is the issue? Can you explain the steps you are taking?


the support respected that, I ask to help me and to understand my problem, but not to unsubscribe from me!
I tried many times and from different accounting records, the application is not created!!!

Name *Ethtrade
Description *Develop Ethereum. Learn Trading
Website *https://ethtrade.org/
Callback URL https://ethtrade.org/auth2?method=tw

where here the mistake is made? what do I import incorrectly?


after that the page reboots, writes that your application is created but there is nothing in the account


That’s really odd - any browser or network issue? I can’t reproduce this. I’m using Chrome on OS X and can create new apps on apps.twitter.com just fine.


thanks, this time everything has turned out
now it is necessary for us that you for our application have opened an opportunity to write down mails of users who will be registered to us on the website.
Owner ID 704622371752128512


it is necessary that “in case of authorization of API gave the field the user’s mail”


In order to request a user’s email address you need your application to be whitelisted. To do that, use the Platform Support forms and use the Special Permissions option.




I have a whitelisted Twitter app that can request and receive email address of a twitter account when the owner of the account accepts and logs in through my app.

Now, I plan to connect it to my already available “Sign-up/Login by email” flow seamlessly.

The problem is, logged in Twitter user may not have verified their email account. In that case they can hijack a user on my system who signed-up with that email.

Therefore, I have to be sure that they have verified their email address. Otherwise I have to automatically send a confirmation link to the email address of the just-signed-in twitter user.

Is there any way to detect if the user confirmed their email address on Twitter? If not, what is the general solution to this problem? At least, how do you solve it for yourselves?


If the email address is not confirmed / verified with Twitter, then it will not be available on the verify_credentials call. Thus, you’ll get a null / empty value and would have to prompt the user to get them to enter one, and then have them verify it with you.