I can not use the Account Activity API



I want to use the Standard beta Account Activity API (Account Activity) using webhook.
I have submitted an request form with the reason I want to use it.

However, it seems that it is not registered normally.
There are only “Search Tweets: 30-Days / Sandbox” and “Search Tweets: Full Archive / Sandbox” on the dashboard.

App ID: 14784289
App Name: Coinpeeker

Owner : virustaruin
Owner ID : 3146292132

Please confirm.


This is correct, during the beta the environment does not appear in the Dashboard. This will be available when the API is generally available.

I’m unable to confirm whether your application has been whitelisted at this time.


Hi Andy,

I applied for beta access for the Account Activity API a number of weeks ago, in order to get ready when the User streams API is retired. Haven’t heard back. I just clicked through the process and to be honest, I am not sure which of my many registered apps was associated with my request.

Where should I be looking to check whether my application was approved? We really need to get started on this!

Owner UNjobs
Owner ID 36083059
App ID 40034

Much appreciated!



Hi @UNjobs - It looks like we followed up with you via email on Jan 21st. There are a couple of questions we had regarding your application and I encourage you to respond to that email.


Hi @virustaruin - It looks like we provisioned access to an app that you potentially deleted. Have you recently deleted a client app on your account?

Currently we do not have a good way of removing that access on the deleted app and re creating it on the new app you mentioned. This is a limitation of the beta and should be resolved when we launch the generally available product (if not sooner).


Thanks, @KyleW. It looks like the above application is dead since the response email went to spam.

I initiated a new request from another account, and I’ve already had a response asking for more info to which I have replied.

So it looks like we are still in business…


Yes, I’ve removed the app.
If so, is not beta service available for this account?


With today’s general availability announcement, you should be able to login to the developer portal and create a development environment linked to the client app you would like.

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