I can not get the user's email address



I can not get my email address.
Is it because the user’s email address is not published?
Or is it a matter of source code?

Answering when asking questions to support@twitter.com
Thank you for your inquiry.
We can verify the app that has all the required authority to request the user’s email ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

User information
User name [XXXXXXXX]
E-mail address [E-mail address will not be published]

Public Async Function RegisterTop_Twitter(oauth_token As String, oauth_verifier As String, id As String, denied As String) As Task(Of ActionResult)
Dim Tokens As CoreTweet.Tokens = Nothing
Dim oAuthSession = TryCast(TempData(“OAuthSession”), CoreTweet.OAuth.OAuthSession)
Tokens = CoreTweet.OAuth.GetTokens(oAuthSession, oauth_verifier)
'GET account/verify_credentials
Dim userResponse = Tokens.Account.VerifyCredentials(False, True, True)
Dim snsEmail As String = userResponse.Email
End Function


I’m not familiar with the code you’re using there, as I’ve not used CoreTweet .NET before - the Twitter API actually requires that the parameter for include_email be a String value, and I think CoreTweet may be treating it as a Boolean.

The alternative reason might be that the account does not have a verified email address associated with the user object.


The mail address has already been confirmed.
Can I publish my email address?


In this case I suspect that the library you are using is not calling the API correctly. I have not been able to verify this for myself.


Are you able to use any alternative libraries, or use your user token with a tool like twurl to check if the email address pulls through?


Do not use CoreTweet.NET


? Include_email = true

I got a mail address.
Thank you very much.


Great, glad to hear this is working for you now! You may want to let the devs of CoreTweet.NET know that their code might need updating.