I can not attach the 'shared=true' flag to the INIT upload



Hello guys! I do next -
“QUERY : media/upload”
“URL : https://upload.twitter.com/1.1/media/upload.json
“PARAMETERS : command=INIT&total_bytes=3544817&media_type=image%2Fgif&shared=true”
“MULTIPART : true”
"ERROR_CODE : 400"
When I deleted ‘shared=true’ all the works are fine, but I need this flag for attached this media to the welcome message. Where am I wrong? Thanks!


@AlexKharlamov_i did you figure out what the problem was? cause whether with the chunk upload or with the simple upload, It doesn’t seem to work and I’m getting frustrated trying to define a welcome message. And as a note, the shared parameter isn’t available in the parameter list in any of the media API urls. Any advice if it has worked with you?