I am using an IFrame to render the tweet button. How do I set the url to tweet using an IFrame?


I just added the tweet button to my company web site. I put the G+ button on its right but there was a gap between them that I wanted to avoid. My question is how can I control the width of the twitter button so that there is no space to its right? I was using the share link showing the count.

What I did for now was, I noticed the anchor renders as an IFrame so I replaced the anchor with <iframe … style=”width: 60px” > that worked but generated another problem: I didn’t find a way to set the url to tweet using the IFrame. So my second question: If the IFrame is the way to go, how do I set the url to tweet?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Finally we removed the iFrame and used the anchor instead and modified the width using CSS as suggested here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6214916/changing-the-size-of-twitters-follow-button.