I am not getting data for specific campaign from ads-api


I can see stats at ads.twitter.com but using below api not getting any data…

https://ads-api.twitter.com/0/stats/accounts/accountid/campaigns?campaign_ids=campaign1,campaign2,&granularity=DAY&start_time=2016-03-03T00:00:00-08:00Z&end_time=2016-03-10T00:00:00-08:00Z&metrics=u’metrics’: u’billed_charge_local_micro’,

not added actual account ids and metrics but for all metrics I am geting 0 value…
but i can see stats at ads.twitter UI …

for same account for some other campaign I am getting data

any guess why this happening?

Please help…

API Consolidation data

Hi @idreaminfinite! What happened to me was that I was receiving stats with 0 values when I tried getting data sooner than 24 hours after an ad became active. So it seems it takes a day or so to get some data.


thanks @majoritasdev
didn’t find any thing in documents.
Twitter guys can you confirm this?what is exact time after data got reflected in api after creation of campaigns?


one more thing I am noticing is one of the campaign is created at 7 March still data is not reflected in twitter api. please note this campaign is of type Qualified impressions.

where as for same date for other campaign we are getting data in api response there is only difference that campaign is its of type video views

Please reply its urgent…



@TwitterStaff, can you shed some light on this, please? Thank you.


@TwitterStaff Can you please reply. …I am still not getting data for these campaigns.



We are aware of a problem where Qualified Impressions campaigns are incorrectly returning 0 as metrics and awaiting for fix to be released.

I do not expect the same problem to appear in any other campaign objective.




Thanks for information @JBabichJapan
Please let us know once fix is released.