I am having trouble with the widget on my website only displays on page load


Hi guys,

Having some trouble with my twitter widget on my website. Basically it works fine if i add the code into firebug after the page has loaded

But as you can see on www.lockwell.co.uk it just say’s

Tweets by @lockelec

I was googling around for “on load codes” but I’m stuck…

So i thought I’d open a thread here , any help would be appreciated as you can see the widget looks nice on my site with the whites and greys.









Checking your page it appears you have an error in the embed code you’ve pasted. The

If that still doesn’t work, try replacing the



Works fine with that added. Might be worth putting that in the core code universally?

Thanks so much. Luckily with the new widget my website has the same colors (:


So, the reason we presently offer up the uglier blob of code rather than simpler, browser-native form is for async loading across more browsers: The async attribute is only supported in newer user agents, and we want to ensure that we don’t block loading in older versions of IE as well. It would, naturally, be nicer to offer the cleaner code by default (and, for embedded Tweets we do, since it’s less prone to causing errors in Content Management System editors.)

Some day the browser support will catch up enough and everything will be beautiful :slight_smile: