I am getting rate limited all the time, what am I doing wrong? Can my rate limits be elevated?



You should read and get familiar with Twitter’s Ads API Rate Limiting; all relevant limits are documented there.

It is worth noting that limits are also communicated in the HTTP response headers (X-Rate-Limit-Limit, X-Rate-Limit-Remaining and X-Rate-Limit-Reset), so you should make use of this information when making requests; if there is no X-Rate-Limit-Remaining, then you should make use of the value provided by X-Rate-Limit-Reset to figure out when you are okay to send a request again and avoid getting rate limited again.

Rate limits are set according to the the tier-level set for the developer. Presently, there are 3 tiers of access: Developer, Basic and Standard.

Rate limits for most of our endpoints are generous and should be sufficient in most cases without any need for elevating rate limits.

It is important to note that rate limits are per-user token. Therefore, we suggest that all developers obtain a single, distinct token for each advertiser account they access.

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