i am getting API v1.1 error on my website - https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=envato&count=4&callback=jQuery16107036175391775492_1380292202082&_=1380292202455


I am getting API v1.1 Error on my Website-- http://www.spicysip.com/dashboard.php
Please HELP Me in SOLVING this Problem. What Should I do? HOW to Get Rid from this Problem. PLEASE GIVE COMPLETE SOLUTION STEP BY STEP
Its Not only Mine but Lots of People problem and no direct solution available anywhere.

The following requests are returning 404/410 responses. Either fix the broken links, or remove the references to the non-existent resources.



You’re using an outdated version of the API. There is no step-by-step solution. It’s difficult/unsupported to use API v1.1 directly from client-side Javascript as was possible in API v1.1. You need to completely rethink your approach to a server-side solution using auth. There are many libraries you can find listed on this site that can help you with that.