I am blacklisted, why?



my application was sending about 500 tweets/day to 22 different accounts (and apps). It was always 22 tweets (almost) every hour in the same time. After few days it just has stopped to work. Twitter API always returns this error message: “Server error: Failed to connect to Operation not permitted” (IP is slightly different every time). I was trying even to load tweets and the same error. However it works perfectly on a different server. I’m using light library https://github.com/dg/twitter-php

IP of my server is: (www.priznej.cz). People could anonymously send messages to my website and then it is automatically sent to facebook and twitter through the APIs. It is really popular - one of the 22 accounts gained over 500 followers in few days. Is it 500 tweets/day such a big number? I would really love to keep this service run for my twitter audience.

Affected accounts: @priznani, @priznaniUK, @priznaniMUNI and 19 more …

Thank you
Vojtech Miksu


I would recommend reaching out to our platform operations or @support teams. https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform and/or https://support.twitter.com/forms