I am applying for raising the POST limit but I have no reply


Currently, we are hosting campaigns to apply for gifts by Twitter login at the request of a major client in Japan.
Over 10000 users are participating in the day.

When users join, We follow by API after clearly stating that you follow the company’s account to the user and gaining consent, but an error has occurred due to POST restrictions.

I know this is due to the new POST limit introduced at 10/22 (1000 users / day) .
I am applying for cancellation of the restriction from the Twitter API policy support form (https://help.twitter.com/forms/platform), but I have no reply.

For details, please check Case# 0099797637.


I have added a permission to your account so you can apply via the proper elevation pathway.

Please select I would like to apply for elevated POST limits and fill out this form:


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