I accidentally clicked 'Revoke Access' on Twiiter for my Tumblr


I can’t seem to find out how to ‘unrevoke’ it. I’ve been going through Twitter and Tumblr. Any idea how? Please help.

  1. go to http://www.tumblr.com/preferences and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see this:

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  1. click “goodies”
  2. click “share on twitter”
  3. you’ll be redirected to your theme settings: with a pop up at the upper left corner. the pop up includes facebook and twitter access now.
  4. sign out via the twitter access in the pop up
  5. re-sign in via the same pop up
  6. click save and close
  7. you’re done, Tumblr’s access to twitter is restored


Thank you for this. I redirect my tumblr to my twitter now :slight_smile:


Having the same issue described here, but in the year since this was posted the layout of Tumblr has changed. I assume ‘Goodies’ is what is now ‘Apps’, but I can’t seem to find a ‘share to Twitter’ option anywhere. Any help?