Hwo to retrieve tweets using twitter API with JSon object via AJAX call




I am very new to twitter. I have been assigned a task to develop an application which should display last 10 tweets by a user using his username, user id, password… This application should only display the recent 10 tweets and nothing more. These tweets should be displayed on an advertisement screen. There is no option of reply, retweet, like or something else. Just display. I am not allowed to use php, node.js or C#. I should use https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=xxxxx&count=x and on programming side JSon object, jQuery, AJAX, and Javascript. On server side I have WCF-Rest services which I will use to send data to server.

I have already created an application on https://apps.twitter.com/ to have Consumer key, secret, Access token, secret, … As I am very new so please help me how build this application step by step using Visual Studio.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Maybe a widget will do? Try https://publish.twitter.com/ and pick “A Profile” (any public profile). This will give you some HTML / JS you can drop in without using the API at all. You can customise the embedded timeline appearance on that page too. As long as you can render HTML in your app, it should work just fine.


Just a quick clarification for you - you should never need to ask for a user’s password, and applications cannot authenticate users via a username/password combination.

As @IgorBrigadir mentions, given your use case, you could use the embedded Timeline web widgets to achieve this, which would not require you to login or create a Twitter app ID.


Sorry to hear that you’ve got timing issues, but unfortunately we’re not able to offer commercial services of this kind via these forums, just point you in the right direction technically. Good luck with your project!