Https:// does not send Status deletion notices



Maybe I missed something…

Starting from the doc:

Under the section " Public stream messages "

I expect to find " Status deletion notices (delete) " in order to comply with ToS ; unfortunatelly using with a track param, I can get any delete (got everything I want, geo/hashtags).

Is this bug ? a feature available only with firehose ? What do you recommend ?


What language / library is this in? Most of the ones i’ve seen separate the stream by message type, so it might just be a case of implementing / using a different listener


I’m using Ruby,

It’s based on an a custom implementation ; nothing fancy just an EventMachine::HttpRequest, plus few convenient ‘middleware’ EventMachine::Middleware::JSONResponse & EventMachine::Middleware::OAuth.

So I got the raw stream (as a string which I chunk myself). I got all other messages like disconnect, rate limit etc…

Here is a pseudo code (only the important parts) :


Don’t know much Ruby - so can’t tell if something’s missing. The only thing i can think of is maybe try a different library and run the same stream to check?


Thanks a lot for your suggestion Igor, I’ll try with another language…

But googling this issue returns a few similar complaints : Did Twitter stop sending delete notifications in the streaming API?

So hopefully I’ll find a work around here…


How to detect streaming API messages especially status delete and location delete notices?