Https:// giving 405 error


Brickred.SocialAuth.NET.Core.OAuthException: An error occurred while executing

Request Parameters: oauth_consumer_key=PogIGhrJIm1Tc7REMWUrg&oauth_nonce=7657267&oauth_signature_method=HMACSHA1&oauth_timestamp=1378463715&oauth_token=1407132517-wEzldWPy7Ha5R1dq64Ph4tCTBVwpy2eAVq0abj1&oauth_version=1.0&oauth_signature=ZEnuDZJTrB7RLGsvGCzfDUI3DrU=The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed.

at Brickred.SocialAuth.NET.Core.OAuth1_0a.ExecuteFeed(String feedURL, IProvider provider, Token connectionToken, TRANSPORT_METHOD transportMethod)

at Brickred.SocialAuth.NET.Core.Wrappers.TwitterWrapper.ExecuteFeed(String feedUrl, TRANSPORT_METHOD transportMethod)

at Brickred.SocialAuth.NET.Core.BusinessObjects.SocialAuthUser.ExecuteFeed(String feedUrl, TRANSPORT_METHOD transportMethod, PROVIDER_TYPE providerType, Byte[] content, Dictionary`2 headers)


HTTP 405 would suggest that you’re not using an HTTP GET for this operation, and that’s what it requires. How are you formulating your request?


Thanks for your reply.
The issue occurs in one of the environment only.
Everything works fine on my local developer machine and also on my UAT server.
But it fails in my live.
Is it that the server is internally changing my request method?