Https:// Forbidden



My app id 8862490
I authorized application, and can get tweets, followers etc, but ads-api ir forbidden.
Am I doing something wrong?

Authorization: OAuth oauth_nonce=“REMOVED”, oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”, oauth_timestamp=“1444029699”, oauth_consumer_key=“REMOVED”, oauth_token=“REMOVED”, oauth_signature=“REMOVED”, oauth_version="1.0"
Connection: Keep-Alive

StatusCode: System.Net.HttpStatusCode.Forbidden
Exception: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

Thanks in advice


@audriuslu you need to apply for access to the Ads API as per the relevant documentation here and get accepted before you can hit any Ads API specific endpoints.


@andrs I’ve applied for developer level some days ago. I think my mistake was that i put @comapnysaccount instead of mine @audriuslu now I applied as @audriuslu
Got Advertising API License Agreement.
Looking forward for Ads API grants


btw @andrs how long does it take while developer access is been approved?


It varies, as it’s a manual process at present. It shouldn’t be long, but we can’t make any guarantees about how long it will take.


i also getting the same message as “Forbidden”. Shall i wait to whitelist my app or did i do something wrong?


Hi @abrown365241,

Can you share what your app ID is? I can check to see if we whitelisted you yet.


Hi @abrown365241,

I believe I just found your application, and there was something wrong with the info you provided. Please check your email and respond with the necessary information.


@carmenjyuen My app id is 12932145. FYI i also got the mail from twitter and they said that your app id is not correct so unable to grant access. If this is wrong app id then where can i find the app id?


Hi @abrown365241,

I believe you entered the consumer key the first time around, so now you are all set!