How can I get AccessToken and AccessToken secret by using consumer key and consumer secret but without making remote calls?

As I am getting these values in webservice created in C# for an iPhone application.


i’m just figuring out how to use this feature so i can share some beautiful pictures and comments during my travels.


hey i am new here,creating a plugin in wordpress to share post on twitter …which api should i use…how do i check the user credentials…


What do you mean “without making remote calls”? It’s going to be incredibly difficult to interact with the Twitter API without making at least a few remote calls.


which api should i use to post the tweets from the php files which i want to create as a plugin of wordpress…since i am new here have not much idea about that.


In the future, you should post a new thread if you have a question unrelated to the current discussion. But you would use the statuses/update API method to post a Tweet:

Also, consider using/looking at the source of any of the other Wordpress plugins which interface with the Twitter API: