Http:// file not loading and xd_receiver very slow to load


I was running my site though a webspeed test and I noticed that one of the twitter files

was not loading. I could not find where this was actually being called ?

Also why is is this taking so long to load?

Any help would be much appreciated.

My site is




I don’t see any requests for /i18n/.js on that page. As for xd_receiver.html, I see it loading in 66ms without cache. Do you have an example of it loading slowly? What is the speed test output?


Hi Arne

Thanks for taking a look.

I ran it through

Here is the results page


Hi Arne,

Were you able to see any problems?


Can you try it on this very simple page.

All I have on this page is


Here is the output

You can see the error


I think is making an error - I certainly don’t see the .js request when viewing the page from a browser.

As for xd_receiver.html, the results at show taking almost 20 seconds to download 1KB, which seems like a fluke. Again, rendering that URL in my browser shows much better performance.

Have you observed either of these occurring when using an actual browser, and not the speed test site?


Hey Kurrik,

Thanks very much. Yes, I think you’re right. It seems that webpagetest is injecting the code.

Sorry for the trouble. It looks like that actual page itself is fine.

Thanks for taking the time to check for me, much appreciated.


You’re welcome, please follow up if you do encounter poor performance in a browser.


I am having a similar issue with failing to load using What exactly is it used for, is it possible to use social/twittertools without this file?



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