Http status 0


hi… i’ve just started learning twitter api… i tried a sample code for posting a tweet and i’m getting http status code as 0.
Since i’m just learning, i haven’t given a website name,instead i’ve given a html page in the url and got the tokens generated.
So can u please tell me how to resolve this issue?
here is the code i tried.

<?php require 'app_tokens.php'; require 'tmhOAuth.php'; $connection = new tmhOAuth(array( 'consumer_key' => $consumer_key, 'consumer_secret' => $consumer_secret, 'user_token' => $user_token, 'user_secret' => $user_secret )); $code = $connection->request('POST', $connection->url('1.1/statuses/update'), array('status' => 'Hello Twitter!!!')); if ($code == 200) { print "Tweet sent"; } else { print "Error: $code"; } ?>




can you please reply in english…