Http:// not working?



Recently, I noticed that the link ‘try Advanced Research’ in the search of twitter widget does not work leaving me a blank page …

Do you know if this problem is recurring? I absolutely need to use multiple queries in a search twitter.

Thank you for your answers


Thanks for reporting this. You can still use advanced search operators with the Search widget, that link to the page explaining them is just recently broken.

You might find our [node:203] guide useful, specifically the section on Search Operators.


This is also a somewhat equivalent link:!/search-advanced


for the past mnth twitter wont let me on saying twitter isnt twitter…smething about security certificate its annoying any help?to get bk on?thanks


I have a search query with many tweets in the results. But, when I create a widget out of this, then it only shows ONE tweet. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I’m just using the “OR” operator, and “from:” filter. :frowning: Anything would help episod. Thanks.


Search timelines include content from the past few weeks. Your search query only including one result is expected based on the dates of the results shown on